What Don’t We Know About The Difference Between THC And CBD

March 7, 2020

Cannabis is a plant where we find cannabidiol and a little trace of Tetrahydrocannabinol. Both of them are intrinsic to it; naturally, that is why not all people care about the qualities they do not share in common.

What Is The Difference Between CBD And THC In Structure?

They both have the same molecules. However, the way all of them are arranged is different. That is why we talk about dissimilarity. The atom’s location influences its effect on the body. As a result, we talk about positive and negative substances.

What’s THC in this case? It is rather from the category of not recommended components. The legal institutions keep track of this substance. This is an element that usually may produce the feeling that people have after taking in drugs. Moreover, if you are going to take a test, you are likely to fail it if your body contains THC. As being a psychoactive substance, it affects one’s mind and behavior in particular. One can lose control of their own with possible obfuscation and unclear expressions.

Then, what is the difference between THC and CBD? The latter does not produce the “high” effect.

cbd vs thc oil

Where Can We Find THC And CBD?

Both these components are an integral part of the weed plant. Everyone knows it, and everyone accepts it. Nonetheless, as we have said, THC is a psychoactive constituent, and its natural environment can be marijuana as well, while CBD is inherent only in cannabis.

As a result, we may find THC in the list of substances that are under the control of authorities. The federal law defines the norm of limited use and prohibits any violation of it. That is how there appeared a term as the legal level of THC.

CBD THC Difference In Effect

The moment both of these cannabinoids penetrate into the body in one substance, they split up, and each goes its own way. The main CBD and THC difference is the different receptors they connect to.

THC has a bond with the receptors that mostly originated in the brain and called CB1. As a result, it influences all the processes in this sphere. These can be a pain, mood, or some other feelings signaled from the brain. Because the receptors of ECS are spread out the whole body, the area of the THC effect is large. Like other side effects, we may enlist some that are connected with reaction and world perception. If the level of THC is high, you will find difficulties to communicate information or remember some sorts of things.

The other type of receptors in the endocannabinoid system is CB2. Those are active in the body’s immune system, being responsible for any kind of inflammation and pain. In this case, we see CBD attaching to them. So, it is clear that CBD works out some problems within the organs that resist to some toxic and infectious substances.

Cannabis And Oils

Is CBD the same as THC? No, they are two main components that scientists find in abundance in the hemp plant. However, it is extremely important to understand that we talk only about these two elements as separate and independent ones. Nonetheless, when we take oils, we must bear in mind that almost all of them contain at least a small concentration of THC. Let’s see the battle “CBD oil vs. weed”.

THC vs. CBD Oil

CBD Oil is an extract we get out of cannabis. Typically, brands resort to one of the following ways of pulling it out: CO2, Moonshine, IPA, and other techniques. Depending on what you choose, the level of THC varies from 0,03 % to 0,1 %, which is, in both cases, legal. One has not invented the methodology using which it would become possible to leave THC out of the oil. Moreover, CBD oil would not be that effective if there were no traces of Tetrahydrocannabinol at all. So, no one is to turn a blind eye on the fact that this oil contains it. However, everyone is to realize that it contributes to a better result.

CBD vs. THC Oil

THC oil is a nickname for marijuana oil. One calls it in this way only to conceal the true identity. You may hear “Cannabis Oil” as well. The way THC Oil is produced is completely different from the one CBD is extracted. Here, we have an Alcohol-based method that gets the resin out of marijuana. One of the most famous people who deal with it is Rick Simpson. He suggests his own way to increase the value of THC in the oil. What is more, he points out that the level depends on the strain of marijuana you opt for. However, whatever strain you use, the concentration is still extremely high. That is why THC Oil is illegal as the level of this element does not comply with the regulations.

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The Difference Between THC And CBD Oil

So, let’s define the main points that THC and CBD oils diverge in:

  • The dosage of Tetrahydrocannabinol
  • Conforming to legal documents
  • Positive and Negative effect
  • Psychoactive qualities
  • Medical prescription

THC oil incorporates an illegal level of this controlled substance breaking the federal law. This oil blunts the workings of the brain, while CBD has a positive impact on some of the immune system functions. Even though CBD oil has little of the psychoactive element, it fails to produce the “high effect”, as the concentration of it is not enough. On the opposite, the entourage effect is the only one that THC oil is able to make.

The other difference between CBD and THC oil is that no doctor will prescribe you the latter. That means that it cannot be used as medical treatment.


Many confuse THC for CBD and vice versa, though the difference is immense. Be circumspect about what you choose to take in, as even a small element can play a significant role.

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