Prime My Body CBD Review

November 25, 2020

Short Brand Review

Many of the readers of this Prime My Body review are probably already familiar with CBD’s concept. After all, CBD is a fundamentally new direction in the world of a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition, to which, sooner or later, every person who is sufficiently concerned about his condition comes. Almost everyone has probably already tried CBD in one form or another and had the opportunity to see firsthand the fantastic properties of this component.

As many people know, CBD is one of the ingredients found in cannabis. A distinctive feature of CBD is that this isolated component is entirely legal in most states while maintaining the most pleasant and beneficial properties of the original substance. Dozens of manufacturing corporations are already rushing to saturate the market with all sorts of CBD products. These products can be chocolates, coffee, tea, gummies, specialty bars, extracts, salves, sprays, capsules, or balms. However, oils have been and remain the most traditional and most effective method of using CBD.

At the moment, there is an incredible number of Prime My Body reviews. Still, the purpose of this review is to fully acquaint readers with the products of one of the most profitable and popular CBD brands, highlight its pricing policy and the highest quality products. PrimeMyBody supplies balms, oils, extracts, proteins, and even exceptional foams to the market. Unlike many competitors, PrimeMyBody focuses on the most correct and usable CDB products without further saturating the assortment with teas and chocolates.

In this article, you will find an overview of the best Prime My Body products – especially for the reader. Those positions will be selected that represent the most optimal combination of Prime My Body cost and quality of the product offered. Also, in this Prime My Body CBD oil review, the reader will have the opportunity to learn about all the advantages and disadvantages of the brand’s products and choose which position in the assortment is most suitable for everyone personally.

Best For

  • treatment of depression and anxiety
  • addiction treatment
  • epilepsy treatment
  • insomnia
  • improving the quality of life

Brand’s Pros and Cons


  • PrimeMyBody offers a wide and varied range of products to choose from – almost everyone is able to find something that suits them individually.
  • The company’s products have an incredible tonic effect and significantly improve each regular customer’s quality of life.
  • The terms of delivery of goods in the United States are quite loyal to the client compared to those offered by the vast majority of competitors.
  • PrimeMyBody is not trying to close all niches of the CBD market on its own – the company concentrates all its efforts on producing oils and extracts, achieving the highest quality indicators.
  • The company specializes specifically in improving the quality of life of the client. Prime My Body oils and extracts help against stress, irritation, depression, help to recharge with positivity and energy for the whole day.


  • The pricing policy of PrimeMyBody is somewhat less loyal to the client than the competitors. This is due to the highest quality of the supplied goods and the manufacturer’s managers’ individual approach to each client.
  • The main question every CBD buyer is concerned about is “Is Prime My Body legit?”. While the company’s products are FDA-approved and completely legal, they still have the same restrictions as any other ingredient in some individual states.
  • The company’s website is not very responsive or intuitive. It is quite challenging to navigate the site. Finding the right product and placing an order can be much more problematic than you might expect.

Best Prime My Body Products

Calm – Rest & Relax Hemp Extract Formula


As you might guess from the name of the product, the main focus and key feature of Calm is quality and calm relaxation. The extract helps reduce mental and emotional stress, reduce stress levels, spend time relaxing and solitude as comfortably as possible. In addition, Calm suppresses hormonal activity that interferes with healthy sleep, promotes the body and brain homeostasis, and corrects and balances serene moods. Calm positions itself as a switch of a person’s emotional state – a simple and trouble-free way to almost instantly switch from the active phase to the phase of comfortable and serene relaxation.

Ingredients – Prime My Body Dosage 500 Review

  • herbal adaptogens: passionflower, valerian root, lemon balm
  • calm activators
  • cannabinoids and cannabidiol

Prime My Body Dosage 500

Nox – Full Spectrum Hemp


Nox is used for rubbing into the face’s skin and has an extraordinary tonic effect on the entire body. Thanks to vitamin and nitrate supplements, the extract helps to slow down aging, relieve the face’s skin from rashes, redness, or unhealthy midges. Nox has a rejuvenating effect. In addition, of course, the extract acts on the body in the same way as any other CBD substance. Nox is an entirely innovative Prime My Body scum that stimulates the body and the state of mind.

A few tens of minutes after the first use, you will feel an incredible surge of strength and energy, a state of calm and pacifying euphoria. You will feel how all your problems become less critical, more insignificant, and recede into the background. The state of meditative tranquility comes to the fore, which will help you altogether rethink your position in life and take a fresh look at the world around you.

Ingredients – Prime My Body Dosage 250 Review

  • nitric oxide
  • NOX’s phytocannabinoids
  • vitamin C & E components

Shield - Immune Supporting Hemp Extract

Shield – Immune Supporting Hemp Extract


The main fundamental difference of this oil is the improvement of immunity. As the well-chosen name suggests, Shield is primarily intended to organically and harmoniously enhance the natural defenses of the human body, competently stimulate the immune system, and provide yourself with more reliable support. Prime My Body CBD oil price is fully justified by the effect that the product has on the human body in every pot.

Thanks to the impeccably calibrated combination of botanical herbal extracts when using Shield, you will not only experience all the benefits of using CBD components but also feel a surge of vivacity and strength. Also, you will organically strengthen your immunity, get more reliable protection against diseases. Just a few weeks of using this oil from Prime My Body and you will be able to look at the world in a completely new way.

You will not only discover a second wind for yourself but also competently push your natural protection in the right direction. Shield is a smart combination of meditative relaxation and stimulation of natural defenses. The extract fully justifies its price. Its effect becomes evident immediately after several applications.

Shield - Immune Supporting Hemp Extract

Ingredients – Prime My Body Dosage 750 Review

  • echinacea
  • elderberry
  • oil of Oregano
  • eucalyptus
  • Asian ginseng
  • reishi
  • clove
  • more than eight other medical herbs

Prime My Body Prices

Calm – Rest & Relax Hemp Extract Formula $108
Nox – Full Spectrum Hemp $149
Shield – Immune Supporting Hemp Extract $159

Shipping and Refunds

The pricing policy of Prime My Body may not be extremely loyal, but the service provided fully justifies the money spent. You can buy the company’s products using any payment system; it supports payment both by credit card and by cash on the spot.

The company delivers purchased goods to most states in record time. If CBD components are not prohibited in your state, then you can order Prime My Body oils delivery directly to your home or to a pick-up point. In addition, PrimeMyBody offers a thirty-day warranty on every item – you can all request a refund if you are not satisfied with the quality of the item provided.


CBD components can have a fantastic effect on the human body. The use of extracts and oils helps to fight insomnia, cope with lethargy and headaches. Many people report significant increases in productivity and energy after starting CBD. It is already apparent, and this is confirmed by many authoritative, independent studies, that CBD has an extremely positive THC and weed effect on the human body.

Constant use of CBD components can significantly improve the quality of life of each individual. But you need to use CBD competently – and order products only from reliable and trusted manufacturers. PrimeMyBody offers reliable and proven products – the company’s reputation in certain circles has long been able to speak for itself. The corporation provides convenient and relatively low-cost delivery to almost anywhere in the world, a wide range of extracts and oils, and a relatively democratic pricing policy.

After reading this review, it should be more or less evident to almost everyone – PrimeMyBody is one of the best manufacturers of CBD products on the market at the moment. The company’s few shortcomings more than outweigh the many advantages. If you are just looking at CBD and are thinking about the possibility of first purchase, then Prime My Body works as a great choice. Hundreds of positive Prime My Body testimonials of satisfied customers will tell that Prime My Body is even better than this review. If you have been using the company’s products for a long time, then you probably know all this well yourself.


Is Prime My Body Legitimate?

All Prime My Body ingredients have been thoroughly tested in research laboratories and approved by an international association. The company’s oils and extracts are recognized as safe and legal for the client’s health. This statement does not apply to those states in which the use of CBD components is completely prohibited at the level of local legislation. For out-of-state residents, company products are available and completely legal.

Is Prime My Body FDA Approved?

According to Prime My Body lab results, the company’s products are fully approved by experts from the Food and Drug Administration. Products of this brand are recognized as harmless for people who have no contraindications for use. In addition, recent research clearly demonstrates the beneficial effects of CBD products on the human body. CBD really helps energize and tone in a positive way. In addition, CBD is especially beneficial for people suffering from depression or insomnia. Research on CBD’s effects on Alzheimer’s and other serious illnesses is still ongoing and shows controversial results – you can always learn more here.

Will Prime My Body CBD Show on Drug Test?

No, the drug test will not show the presence of narcotic components samples in the body after consuming PrimeMyBody products. As in the case of any other legal and approved by the relevant authorities CBD products, the test will not show illegal drugs in the human body. However, you should be careful, and order goods for your specific dosage chart exclusively from reliable suppliers or directly on the manufacturer’s official website.

How Does Prime My Body Product Make You Feel?

PrimeMyBody products can have a truly amazing effect on the human body. Among the most significant effects are help in the fight against depression or other nervous disorders, a charge of positive energy and energy for the whole day, and help for those suffering from insomnia. In addition, according to some independent research, CBD oil Prime My Body may help sufferers of Alzheimer’s and several other serious mental illnesses.

Where to Buy Prime My Body Product?

You can always purchase any product you are interested in on the official PrimeMyBody website. This is the easiest and most correct way to make a purchase. Unofficial suppliers may offer lower prices, but no one, in this case, can guarantee you the quality of the goods received or issue a refund. PrimeMyBody delivers products to most of the states and is actively involved with interactive delivery services. There is no need to take risks and contact suspicious PrimeMyBody scam websites.

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