Palmetto Harmony Review 2023

November 25, 2020

Short Brand Review

This Palmetto Harmony review will acquaint the reader with all the manufacturer’s advantages and disadvantages, help the buyer understand the terms of delivery, and an extensive range. The company is one of the leading CBD companies specializing in oils and ointments and offers CBD products for kids and pets.

Among the vast array of Palmetto Harmony reviews, it can be challenging to understand what the manufacturer and the products on the market are. Palmetto Harmony works on products quickly and efficiently. According to all medical recommendations, the company manufactures products, precisely maintaining the required content of THC and CBD components.

As many readers know perfectly well, CBD is one of the main components of cannabis, which contains the beneficial and pleasant properties of the plant and cannabidiol, but it is not a narcotic substance. Continuous consumption of products with CBD components can significantly improve each person’s quality of life, reduce the impact of problems and stress on the nervous system, and eliminate sleep problems and insomnia.

As such, Palmetto Harmony products contain all the benefits of cannabinoids while remaining perfectly legal in most countries and states. The company offers customers a choice of oils based on herbal samples intended for internal consumption in one way or another.

The company’s website is user-friendly and straightforward and contains all the information you need. The site has a complete catalog of goods, delivery services, affiliate programs, online technical support, and a detailed FAQ. There is no need to use intermediaries when ordering products – you can call home delivery using the official website from almost anywhere in the world.

Best For

  • fighting insomnia
  • getting an energy boost for the whole day
  • epilepsy treatment
  • reduction of headache
  • prevention of chronic diseases
  • the disappearance of mood swings
  • calm and comfortable relaxation

Brand’s Pros and Cons


  • The brand offers a wide range of different CBD products, including oils, vape oils, CBD products for children and pets.
  • The company also delivers outside the United States, allowing you to track the delivery status online. If delivery is delayed, the client is offered active and prompt technical support.
  • The brand sells only the finest quality products at reasonable prices. Buying the company’s products, the client can always count on the most optimal combination of Palmetto Harmony cost and quality among all the products offered on the market.
  • The company’s website looks exceptionally pleasant and practical; the design is ergonomic and simple. It’s easy to order and buy goods on the official website.


  • The brand CBD products are not licensed in all countries and states, as are any other CBD products from official manufacturers.
  • Shipping costs can vary greatly depending on the buyer’s address and the logistical complexity of shipping.

Best Palmetto Harmony Products

Harmony Orange CBD Hemp Oil (100ml)


This Palmetto Harmony CBD oil is designed for a tonic and relaxing effect. The product helps to cope with stress, constant fatigue, headache, and irritation. With prolonged use of oil, a person ceases to suffer from mood swings, migraines, depression, feels a charge of vigor and strength for outstanding achievements. The oil can be used with tea, coffee, and herbal teas. The brand offers unique capsules as an alternative way to use it. It is necessary to calculate the required amount of medical oil for acceptance by each client’s individual dosage chart. According to the Palmetto Harmony CBD oil review, this product is one of the most exciting offers on the modern CBD market.

Ingredients – Palmetto Harmony Dosage 100 Review

  • Organic MCT oil (coconut)
  • Organic hemp flower
  • Organic stevia extract powder
  • Organic orange oil
  • 2000mg of Hemp CBD per bottle, 20mg of Hemp CBD per serving

cbd oil drips

Harmony Original CBD Hemp Oil (30ml)


The original Palmetto Harmony oil with coconut extract. The oil can give not only your coffee and tea a unique, delicious taste but also stabilize your mood. Relaxation with the use of this oil is of higher quality. Rest restores energy and sets you in a festive mood. In addition, this oil is a good prevention of Alzheimer’s and other severe mental disorders. Palmetto Harmony CBD oil price is quite democratic – almost everyone can afford to try this product.

Ingredients – Palmetto Harmony Dosage 30 Review

  • Organic MCT oil (coconut)
  • Organic hemp flower extract
  • 600mg of Hemp CBD per bottle, 20mg of Hemp CBD per ml

Harmony Aura Vape Oil (15ml)


The oil can be used not only with coffee or tea but also during vaping. You can use this oil as the basis for a vape composition – then rest or a minute pause can become pleasant and useful. You can take your mind off all the pressing problems, rethink your position in life and think about something significant. And then with renewed vigor to join the workflow and demonstrate unprecedented incredible productivity.

Ingredients – Palmetto Harmony Dosage 15 Review

  • Organic glycerin
  • Organic hemp flower extract
  • 150mg of Hemp CBD per bottle, 10mg of Hemp CBD per ml

Palmetto Harmony Prices

Harmony Orange CBD Hemp Oil (100ml) $184.88
Harmony Original CBD Hemp Oil (30ml) $79.99
Harmony Aura Vape Oil (15ml) $23.99

Shipping and Refunds

The company’s shipping policy is to get the customer as quickly and as cheaply as possible. All parcels leave the West Coast the next business day after ordering. On the way, the goods can be up to three working days from the date of dispatch – if the arrival of the goods is delayed, the official website recommends that you immediately contact the online technical support.

The company recommends keeping track of the order status online using email notifications. If your order has been rejected for some reason, it is recommended to contact technical support immediately. There can be many reasons for rejection; most of them can be solved in one way or another. Before ordering any CBD-listed product, the company recommends that you ensure that your state or country does not ban products containing CBD ingredients.

The brand provides a thirty-day warranty on all products of its manufacture. If you were not satisfied with the quality of the goods for some reason, you have the right to request a refund by filling out the appropriate form on the website. Managers solve such issues with the client on an individual basis. User’s Palmetto Harmony testimonials indicate that in most cases, the company prefers not to risk its reputation and easily meets the client halfway.


A distinctive feature of CBD products is that they don’t just give you a one-time pleasure – they have a tangible impact on life quality. By adding CBD components to your daily diet, you will learn to get better rid of sleep problems, get better control over your own life, and manage mood swings. You will learn to truly relax when you have time and work energetically and enthusiastically when your environment calls for it.

Once you start using CBD once, you will feel lightness and euphoria with complete clarity of thought. You will be able to do today everything that you invariably put off until tomorrow, and you will not feel any discomfort in the process. CBD is a new direction in society’s development, and everyone is obliged to try to join it without delay.

If this is your first time considering trying CBD, the brand is a sure bet. This company combines a pleasant pricing policy and the highest quality, a rich assortment, the best delivery conditions possible, an advanced affiliate program, and a developed regular customer discount system.

On the company’s website, you will find everything that you may need. There are many ways to consume CBD. Someone prefers classic oils, balms, salves, and sprays. Others have a preference for gummies, coffee, and chocolate. You can consume CBD both as a bubble bath and in small capsules or pots.

There are hundreds of ways for any, even the most specific, tastes. The methods of use may vary, but the product’s quality must always remain at its best. That is why the best, only, and the correct choice is Palmetto Harmony, whose reputation can be confirmed by tens of thousands of customer testimonials from around the world.


Is Palmetto Harmony Legit?

All Palmetto Harmony ingredients have been thoroughly tested. According to Palmetto Harmony lab results, which have been confirmed by several research groups and independent laboratories at once, all components that makeup CBD products are completely safe and beneficial for the human body when consumed in moderate doses. This means that goods are fully legal in most countries, except for countries and states where applicable laws expressly prohibit them.

Is Palmetto Harmony FDA Approved?

Despite some FDA bias towards weed’s cannabinoid compounds, an alternative solution was unanimously and relatively quickly reached in CBD products. The FDA has confirmed and approved the legitimacy of CBD-containing products, including Palmetto Harmony products. If you wish to familiarize yourself with the ongoing research in more detail, you can always refer to the official source and read all necessary information here.

Will Palmetto Harmony CBD Show on Drug Test?

CBD is not a narcotic substance, despite its effects on the human body. This opinion is unanimously held by the FDA and many independent international research organizations. I unconditionally agree with this point of view and drug test – a traditional drug test will not show anything, even if you actively use CBD products. Beware of the actions of possible Palmetto Harmony scams and trust only products from the manufacturer’s official website.

How Does Palmetto Harmony Product Make You Feel?

Palmetto Harmony oils have a fantastic effect on the client’s body. The use of the company’s products inevitably entails an uplifting of mood, getting rid of insomnia and sleep problems, a constant energy surge, and mild euphoria.

According to some studies, consistent use of CBD components also impacts the positive dynamics in treating Alzheimer’s and several other serious mental disorders. Plus, with oil, you will learn to work productively and rest effectively. CBD can change your life for the better. And you don’t need to read about it. It would be best if you tried it immediately.

Where to Buy Palmetto Harmony Product?

You can easily and conveniently purchase all available goods at This is the manufacturer’s official website, where the entire range of CBD products is presented in a convenient and visually pleasing way. It also describes the delivery terms, a catalog of goods with exact prices, an affiliate program, and a refund policy.

There is no need to use the services of resellers and intermediaries – the company cooperates with international delivery services. It offers the most favorable conditions and minimum shipping fees for each buyer. The website has an exceptionally ergonomic and intuitive design – using the website is as pleasant and straightforward as possible.

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