Lazarus Naturals Review 2023

March 28, 2020

Every curious person had heard about the CBD concept. At the stage of modern medicine, cannabidiol began to be used in almost every medication method. Why does it give pleasure? The reason lies in the fact that cannabidiol contributes to more strong health and helps to treat also the most difficult diseases. Even those patients who experienced the initial stages of an illness managed to win it. Not completely, but the signs of their disease subsided. Even patients having schizophrenia managed to find a method on how to feel healthier and stronger. CBD products possess increased performance and prevent stress manifestations. Cannabidiol is also being practiced as a nutritional supplement for lovely domestic animals.

What is Cannabidiol and CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol is a constituent obtained from the hemp plant itself. It is not psychoactive and not addictive. It does not provoke hallucinations. CBD oil has health-promoting properties that serve to counteract certain physical and mental discomforts.

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is absent in CBD oil, as it causes the intoxicating effect associated with the hemp plant. CBD is completely legal and available within the EU.

Cannabis oil is the usual term of various oils derived from hemp. Thus, CBD oil and cannabidiol oil are two special subgroups of cannabis.

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What is Lazarus Naturals?

Lazarus Naturals is a leading CBD product manufacturer found in Seattle in 2014. This is a brand dedicated to helping customers who need aid because of their notable illnesses. The Naturals company helps to guide patients to a simple, peaceful life. Lazarus Naturals has been created to supply products of high – quality available to every buyer. The brand offers numerous discounts for veterans and patients with long-term disabilities and low income. It also offers an extensive spectrum of products procured from hemp pure seedlings and laboratory examined goods for activity, pesticides, and heavy metals.

Best for:

  • Fibromyalgia;
  • Spinal stenosis;
  • Anxiety;
  • Joint pain;
  • Insomnia.

Lazarus Naturals Reviews: Highlights

  • Naturals highly efficient lines. Now it became very uncommon to see CBD oil brands, which gives more than 25 mg CBD per serving. The Naturals range provides an enormous dose of 60 mg per serving. It is more affordable, as opposed to other companies.
  • 100% of Naturals products are produced indoors. Lazarus Naturals is a US-based organization. All its hemp plant material is planted and extracted within the USA.
  • Discounts for Naturals needy customers. The company proposes 40 % discounts for vets, incapable patients, as well as people with low-income. This is one of the most important things that customers really like this company. The membership is making efforts to afford only high-quality, free CBD products to people who could not get it. The company’s strategy is to base the assumption about the CBD products remaining free to those who need it most.
  • Naturals offer free shipping. Lazarus Naturals is now a remarkable mark. It allows available trucking on purchases above $ 50 to all 50 US states. This is one of the best benefits of trading.
  • Regular Naturals laboratory tests. Some CBD companies are silent cannabis extraction. Lazarus has high cannabinoid cultures. Naturals get all the unadulterated substances from legitimate modern farms inside the USA. Lazarus offers laboratory tests to confirm that their products are received from strains that have been genetically produced to enrich CBD.

Lazarus Naturals Reviews: Negative Aspects

  • No use of CO2 extraction. Some famous marks currently employ solvent-free CO2. It is more secured and does not denature the CBD composite. Lazarus employs a genuine ethanol substance to remove the powerful composite from the hemp plant. Since the company can offer the before-mentioned powerful goods at affordable costs. Solvent-based CBD recovery can be fertile and reliable if performed responsibly and accurately. According to Lazarus Naturals reviews, this label is working with biochemical expositions and evaporates the definitive product to assure that it is genuine. Naturals checked laboratory tests on all of their shipments to prove that their products do not carry hazardous artificial deposits.

How Does Lazarus Naturals CBD Work?

As mentioned earlier, Lazarus Naturals produces “domestic” CBD products that were grown and produced in the United States. After getting hemp, Lazarus workers use ethanol to extract CBD oil from the hemp plant. The extract is then infused with fractionated coconut oil to obtain an exact combination of CBD. When the Naturals testing comes to the finale stage, all products are tested in their own or third-party laboratories before being sold and distributed.

Lazarus Naturals CBD Testimonials

Naturals can confidently speak of itself as a reliable label producing high-quality products. Significant Lazarus Naturals testimonials show that the company has its own laboratory and certificates with permission to distribute CBD goods.

Lazarus Naturals extracts 70 percent of hemp from the Central Oregon farm. All their products arise in a broad spectrum along with the isolate products produced employing their own hemp plants. Non-GMO products obtained from verified manufacturers on Oregon farms. Lazarus guarantees that all source substances originate from plantations that adhere to the severe certification process for the Oregon Department of Agriculture Hemp Research Program (ODA).


Lazarus Naturals Lab Results

Naturals adhere to American Herbal Pharmacopoeia (AHP) standards for CBD testing. This Lazarus Naturals test assures those products certify the stringent position and meet the requirements of safety. Lazarus products withstand precise laboratory tests for contaminants such as poisonous substances.

All the latest Naturals batches are delivered to independent laboratories for a terminal analysis of quality and effectiveness.

The Naturals site has a section “Test Results”. It means that each product page displays the results for each batch. The section with the Naturals product results constantly renewed as how fresh batches are prepared. Be sure to consult your doctor any time you decide to take such products.

Lazarus Naturals CBD Products

Lazarus Naturals suggests a large-scale product line which is extracted from organic hemp plants and laboratory examined for pesticides.

Naturals Coconut Oil

Naturals Coconut CBD oil can be used not only for cosmetic purposes but for cooking as well. It thoroughly smoothes and moisturizes the skin. During cooking, it will serve as a good substitute for vanilla sugar and other food flavor enhancers.

Naturals Tinctures

The Naturals tinctures of the full spectrum are available in the flavors of a tropical breeze, french vanilla mocha, blood orange.

Naturals Isolates

Not available for all states. The Naturals CBD isolate is supplied in large quantities, with the addition of terpene or raw material.

Naturals Capsules

Capsules from Lazarus are accessible in the full spectrum of 100 and 200 milligrams by easy administration.

Naturals Pet Products

Pamper pets with fast-acting CBD tinctures to relieve anxiety.

Naturals Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)

The oil has an extract enriched with CBD, which can be consumed sublingually, mixed with food, or used for cooking.

Body Care Products

The full spectrum includes balms and massage oils, which offer a powerful dose of CBD and come in many natural flavors such as rose and lavender.

Pet Products

Pamper pets with fast-acting CBD tinctures to relieve anxiety.

CBD Isolate Tincture without Flavour

The drug contains 50mg of CBD oil for an ml. Such a tincture a measured dropper to assure the accurate size of a serving. It is gluten-free with no flavors.

CBD Isolate Tincture without Flavour


A buyer recommended consuming about 1ml (that equals to 50mg due to the requirements, or as it has been advised by a therapeutist. To feel the full effect, it needs to wait up to 2 hours. Each serving differs considerably by an individual. Consult your physician before the drugs’ administration.


  • Coconut oil (Fractionated);
  • Isolate (CBD).


Lazarus Isolate Tincture helps to overcome numerous illnesses, considering stress, depression, anxiety, mental disorders, inflammation, etc. Lazarus isolate does not contain THC.

Some patients experienced the following side effects:

  • Anxiety;
  • Dry mouth;
  • Dizziness;
  • Drowsiness;
  • Mood swings;
  • Nausea;
  • Vomiting.

How Long Does Lazarus Isolate Tincture Last?

Clinical observations show that the effect of Lazarus CBD oil can last from four to six hours. The onset of CBD is 20 to 30 minutes.

RSO Lazarus CBD Oil

The Lazarus product is made from the original extract of hemp plants. Since now, it is possible to get 10ml and 50ml volumes. It also suggests 100mg of CBD for an ml. RSO Lazarus Oil does not contain unnatural flavors, chemicals, and sweeteners.

RSO Lazarus CBD Oil


Customers should address to their physician to consult about the proper Lazarus serving dimensions and their advantages. The Lazarus CBD is used under the tongue, blended with a meal, or applied like edibles.


  • Sunflower lecithin;
  • Coconut Oil (fractionated);
  • Natural hemp plant extract;
  • CBD Isolate.


RSO Lazarus CBD Oil is a psychoactive cannabinoid that helps patients feel euphoric.

Physical side effects are also common if using Lazarus RSO CBD Oil:

  • Dizziness;
  • Low blood pressure;
  • Eye inflammation;
  • Sleep disturbance;
  • Impaired memory.

How Long Does Lazarus CBD Oil Last?

The duration of the Naturals CBD depends on the dose. Before using the drug, consult your doctor at first. According to multiple customer reviews, the Lazarus CBD oil works for several hours and comes into effect after 20-30 minutes.

Calming Naturals CBD Pet Tincture from Lazarus

The Lazarus product is produced with organic hemp plant extract. The Lazarus tincture contains no more than 15mg of CBD for an ml.

Calming Naturals CBD Pet Tincture from Lazarus


It is recommended to use the Lazarus Tincture as the meal supplement. It must be orally administered. If the dosage is insufficient, then it is better to add one more serving.

  • The Naturals product contains nearly 15lbs that is equal to 3 drops per 1.5mg;
  • For 15-30lbs it equals to 6 drops per 3mg;
  • For 30-60lbs it equals to 10 drops per 5mg;

More than 60lbs equals to 20 drops per 10mg.


  • Natural hemp plant extract;
  • Fractionated Oil (coconut).

Naturals Effects:

Owners of the pets should consider that the drug helps to overcome:

  • Chronic pain;
  • Anxiety;
  • Hyperactivity;
  • Chronic inflammation;
  • Arthritis.

Possible side effects in pets from Naturals :

  • Dry mouth;
  • Low blood pressure;
  • Drowsiness.

How Long Does it Take For Pet Tincture to Take Effect?

Naturals Pet tincture becomes efficient from 30 minutes to an hour. 60 minutes. It may take about 2 – 4 weeks in case of chronic diseases.

Lazarus Naturals Prices

Product namePrice rangeOrder
Flavourless 750mg Tincture, 15ml,60ml High Potency$40.00-$125Buy now
Lazarus Naturals RSO CBD Oil 10ml,50ml Package$40-$180Buy now
Calming CBD Oil Pet Tincture$12-$38Buy now

Shipping & Refunds

Lazarus ships to 50 states for free. Free services for delivery are available via USPS. For delivery during the day and two days via UPS, an additional fee is charged. International orders sold in the UK only through Amazon. You can send your order back with a receipt or confirmation of purchase within 30 days from the receipt of your product. If approved, Lazarus will return the money within 30 days.

Final Verdict

Lazarus Naturals is the recommended brand since it has become a market leader of CBD products. The company boasts its quality and reliability as well as discounts for veterans and low-income people. Each product undergoes rigorous selection and testing through a third-party laboratory. Lazarus products do not contain THC substances but are made from natural hemp plants.



⭐️Where To Buy Lazarus CBD Oil?

Any product from Lazarus is available online. The company has developed an official website with a catalog of products. You can learn more about the terms of use on the home page. Before placing an order, familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the drug and consult an m.D.

⭐️Is Lazarus Naturals CBD Legitimate?

Lazarus Naturals is a valued CBD oil seller from Portland, Oregon. Their preparations are whole hemp extracts and contain a full range of natural cannabinoids and terpenes.

⭐️Is Lazarus Naturals FDA Approved?

Current FDA regulations do not support the CBD supplement to food. CBD products cannot be sold as food additives or marketed interstate. The FDA approves CBD as the active ingredient in an allowed medication called Epidiolex. This drug helps treat rare forms of epilepsy in children.

⭐️Will Lazarus Show On A Drug Test?

Drug tests of Naturals differ in different studies. A positive THC threshold is more stringent in some tests than in others. Lazarus is not responsible for positive drug test results. It is highly recommended you do not use Naturals CBD products if you are concerned with it.

⭐️How Do Lazarus CBD Tinctures Make You Feel?

This product is a natural way to relax or reduce anxiety. Studies have shown that Naturals CBD can reduce some symptoms of anxiety and depression. One does not contribute to feeling you “high”.

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