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March 27, 2020

CBD, also called cannabidiol, is one of the chemical compounds of marijuana plants. Hemp oil extracted from original hemp or hemp grown with some percentage of THC (often less than 0.3%). We will refer to marijuana as cannabis that manifests psychotropic effects. Cannabis as hemp grown for its practical use in modern medicine.

THC is psychoactive or a heady compound found in cannabis plants while CBD oil is not psychoactive or intoxicating. Such a substance showed the strengths of being effective for various diseases including mental health disorders.

Just oil is legal in all 50 states, but the production of hemp oil is not widespread in some states. Even though hemp oil is extracted from pure hemp seeds. The manufacturing of oil is legal only under the law. This does not stop the CBD oil from being imported so you can buy it on a legitimate online store.

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What Is Just CBD?

Just CBD has been on the market not so long ago. The company was founded in 2017. It has gained a reputation as a quality manufacturer of CBD products and respected by customers. CBD production is quite transparent. The company is trustworthy because a source of CBD oils and products improves health and well-being.

Despite the numerous reviews, this CBD company remains a small boutique company. Only now is it beginning to break into a nationwide or ‘global’ CBD market. The company offers published lab reports on all its products for sale. It is extremely important in today’s market, where most CBD products are not yet adjustable for quality assurance.

Just CBD Benefits

The laboratory results have shown that production has had a surprisingly positive effect on various diseases. Some of the health benefits of cannabidiol are:

  • Nausea Relief;
  • Pain Relief;
  • Mood Improvement;
  • Reduced Anxiety;
  • Appetite Stimulation.

Just CBD Reviews: Pros

Just brand got numerous merits as the company provides a vast selection of quality products and included new exciting drugs.

  • Ample product extent. Anyone can find products containing hemp oil on the sections of the online store. When purchasing products, a customer can be sure that they are manufactured legally as they can be imported to you.
  • Certificate of authenticity. Just a brand can provide a full authenticity certificate for each product. The results of the laboratory tests present the content of cannabinoids, complete ingredients and precise measurements. Just lab results are almost what you want to see as a consumer. They are accurate and transparent. A buyer can make a well-founded decision.
  • Just edible innovation. It just provides new and interesting edible CBD products. Among the edible products are more than common gummies. The company also offers honey sticks to increase sugar, which is prepared with a small dose of CBD. They are a good choice for those who prefer edible products.

Just CBD Reviews: Cons

Unfortunately, the following company has some significant disadvantages. For example, these are real cons on the website.

  • Price confusion. There are some examples of weird prices. Sometimes it’s more logical to buy smaller versions of your product several times than to buy their large multipacks, as in the case with honey sticks. It is cheaper to buy a more easily controlled amount of your favorite CBD type.

How Does Just CBD Work?

Product manufacturing involves the use of cannabis in each product. Please note that each product contains no more than 0.3% THC. Just brand works on the principle of online marketing. The company also takes care of the production and supply of goods in 50 states of the US. The products help to cure various diseases from nausea and dizziness to more complex forms, taking into account epilepsy and cancer manifestations. You can find a product suitable for you on the official website.

Just CBD Testimonials

The company approved certificates for the manufacture of CBD products. Such products are sold legally in many American states. Each product is put through rigorous testing and examined by third-party laboratories. Just brand testimonials state the right and high-quality product for every taste. You can verify the reliability of the company by trying one of the offered goods. If you are not a supporter of cannabis, in all likelihood the results will not satisfy you. Do not experiment with health, but consider whether you should try products with cannabidiol.

Just CBD Lab Results

The company’s manufacturers directly carry out laboratory tests and publish the results on a site that is accessible to the whole world. Employees of the company confidently declare that they have nothing to hide. They do not fake or photoshop the test results. You can find out about Just CBD lab results by calling the phone number indicated in the certificate. You can talk with a lab assistant.

Some companies promise the same, but scrolling through their site, you find nothing. A consumer has no idea about the strain, type, or quality of the seeds, or whether they use pesticides or chemical fertilizers in the growing process. It is especially when the company does not provide independent laboratory tests. Be sure to consult your doctor any time you decide to take such products.

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Just CBD Products

The advantage of the Just company is the huge availability of goods for every taste. To get learn more about the characteristics of each of them, you need to enter the Just website page.

Just hemp oil can take many different forms, including liquids, ointments and sprays, and capsules. Most oils and sprays are used by placing the substance under the tongue. Balsams absorbed by the skin, and the capsules are put under the tongue. Those who do not like the taste of sprays or oils can choose capsules. Just Capsules are a very convenient way to consume cannabidiol, but you do not absorb lots of CBD from capsule-like with oil or spray.

Just vape oil is the same as regular hemp oil but gets into the body differently. You fill out a vape pen with cannabidiol and you will get a vape with a health benefit.

Full Spectrum Tinctures

If you are searching for more effective treatments and do not prefer Just vape juice, for example, you can choose a full range Just tincture. This is the most powerful product you can use. It is sold in bottles of 50 to 1,500 mg. It also comes in a 1 ml pipette to help you measure drops. You can use 10 mg of tincture per dose. It is taken under the tongue or added to drinks.

Full Spectrum Tincture


  • Hemp Extract;
  • Organic Fractionated Coconut oil;
  • Organic Stevia;
  • Essential Oils.

Sublingual Just drops require a little time to enter the bloodstream. It can be expected that the drug will take effect in 5-20 minutes upon administration. A single dose of the tincture may appear within 3 days. If you use the drugs daily and intensively, it may last for 30 days.

The tinctures from Just have some unique effects on brain activity, which can also treat several diseases related to neurology, including social phobia, panic disorders, PTSD, OCD, GAD, etc.

Just Vape Pens

Just brand Vape pens are available in a variety of colors and flavors. Vape pens will suit different tastes. This is an inexpensive and inconspicuous alternative that attracts the attention of many buyers. The pens are compact, so you can store them anywhere. They are rechargeable steam pens that charge in 3 hours and deliver up to 200 mg of vape.


  • Natural cannabinoid extracted from pure hemp;
  • Food grade flavoring;
  • Herb glycerin;
  • Propylene glycol.

When starting using a vape pen, a consumer must apply more dosage. When a body begins to consume CBD, one has to reduce the dosage of Just oil. The body needs a few weeks to remove it from the system. For each cartridge in the range of 25 to 300 mg, a typical period may last from 5 to 10 days. It usually depends on particular levels of the vape oil.

It is impossible to get the THC effects of consuming vaping oil. In this case, purchasers do not have to be afraid of some specific mental disorders including paranoia or the other outcomes which THC can manifest.

Just Gummies

Just Gummies is a delicious treat that will help you relax at any time. You get a mix of hemp with a wide variety of tastes: a clear bear and sour bear; transparent worms along with sour worms; apple rings, peach rings, or blueberry rings. Each sleep Just gummy has 25mg of CBD and 1mg of melatonin with calming blackberry chamomile flavors. They are great for dozing off — not feeling off.

Just CBD Gummies


  • CBD isolate;
  • Glucose;
  • Sorbitol;
  • Sucrose;
  • Kosher gelatin;
  • Original fruit flavor;
  • Citric acid;
  • Lemon vital oil;
  • Unnatural coloring;
  • Vitamins B6 / B9 / B12.

It takes effect 30-60 minutes after consuming 2 of the gummies before going to bed. The effect of these Just gummies may last for anywhere between 4-6 hours. Just gummies relieve anxiety, stress, and body aches. The effects may last longer if the Just gummies you are consuming have a higher concentration of cannabidiol.

Just CBD Prices

Product name Price range Order
Just CBD Full Spectrum Tincture $17.99-$139.99 Buy now
Just CBD Vape Pens $19.99 Buy now
Just CBD Gummies $23.99-$139.99 Buy now

Shipping & Refunds

During the checkout process, a customer will be given the full purchase. If you decide to purchase CBD products, you are drawing your own opinions as to any additional benefits or use these products may provide. CBD products may be returned within 14 business days for a full refund less any shipping charges. Claims for damaged product must be made within 72 hours.

Final Verdict

Just CBD has earned a good reputation and is currently valued on the market. It has received recognition in various forms, which makes it useful to many people. Research is still ongoing on the number of benefits it has for the human body. The products can be of great benefit without getting used to it.


⭐️Is Just CBD Legitimate?

It is a very respectable retailer of high-quality Just products. Their CBD product is a plant extract with a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes from the original plant. The Just company uses specially bred therapeutic hemp plants grown on their allowed farms in Colorado.

⭐️Is Just CBD FDA Approved?

All the Just products are still not appraised by the FDA. The company Just brand is obligated to achieve compliance with FDA regulations. As such products have not been supported by the FDA, the company makes no claims to any additional benefits for CBD products.

⭐️Will Just CBD Show On A Drug Test?

Drug tests can not differentiate among CBD. Just brand products are being produced from hemp plants related to the cannabis family. Therefore not all researchers guarantee that CBD can not show up. If someone expects to hold a drug test, it is strictly not recommended to take any CBD products. Just brand products carry less than 3 % of THC traces.

⭐️How Do Just CBD Tinctures Make You Feel?

All the CBD tinctures offered do not contain THC. It does not give any effects impacting your psychic. The impact of relaxation depends on the substance applied, the frequency, metabolism, and body weight as well. To get the desired result, try some other CBD products from Just brand.

⭐️Where To Buy Just CBD Products?

Just producers took care of the purchase conditions. A buyer can purchase any CBD product of this brand through the online store. Before making an order, decide on the choice of the product. You can select the CBD product by filtering the parameters. This is done very quickly and easily.

⭐️Does Just CBD Oil good?

I tried some very good and respected CBD tinctures of the full spectrum. I bought a bottle of 1500 mg and use 0.5 ml every night. It tastes good, not too strong. It is very effective for relaxing and sleep. I think this is the best quality and value I have found!

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