CBDfx Review: Your Comprehensive Guide To Wellbeing 

September 6, 2020

We live in a world of high rates and high demands. We get tired. And more and more often, we want to feel that we are good with ourselves: a thoughtful approach to our health and well-being takes us to turn to follow a variety of reviews to find the most suitable option. No wonder that following this purpose, you might have come across some CBDfx reviews. Most of them would tell you that it is a brand that started in 2014 and is devoted to delivering the most refined full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolated products on the market. But what you might be missing is the mission of the company, its essence, and what makes it remarkable among the others. To learn more about CBDfx, follow through this review.

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What Is CBDfx?

Two friends, Ali Esmaili and Jameson Rodgers launched CBDfx six years ago, believing that the remarkable wellness benefits of CBD should be accessible to a broad range of people. Shortly, a small company from a startup grew to the fifth-largest privately held CBD company in the world with over 100 employees. The philosophy of CBDfx is to deliver harm-free products to the audience. Over time CBDfx products gained recognition among authoritative publications: won several awards and pleasurably accompanied musical events and festivals.

CBDfx is more than a brand. It is a devoted team of enthusiasts who are loyal to innovations and continuously expand its assortment. They are willing to bring not only the health benefits of CBD but also beauty. There is a unique line of beauty products, i.e., face masks, bath bombs, skin moisturizers, and many more. It is a comprehensive approach to your daily wellbeing.

Best For:

  • anxiety
  • insomnia
  • tired skin

CBDfx Pros

  • A vast range of products

CBDfx offers a wide range of products with various dosage charts, which is an evident plus. It is always nice when there are options from which you can choose what suits you best. Also, CBDfx does not stand still and continues to develop new offers for its customers. This speaks not only of a customer-centered approach but also of dedication to one’s business.

  • THC below 0.3%

None of CBDfx products will get you high, since THC’s concentration in them is less than 0.3%. Such an amount of the substance is legal and won’t be shown on a drug test. Hence, you may be confident that you won’t be caught by surprise.

  • Bundle packs available

Many respected CBD products are costly, regardless of the brand. One of the good things about CBDfx is that the company offers bundle packs so that you can combine several items in one purchase, and, as a result, it will cost you less. It is another way of making services and goods affordable to the customers.

  • Transparency

When it comes to CBD goods, independent third-lab testing is essential. CBDfx is loyal to its credibility and consumers. Hence, it provides all the necessary information on the lab results of its products.

CBDfx Cons

  • MCT oil content

CBDfx tinctures and capsules contain MCT oil. If you are allergic to coconut, you may face it as an issue. However, you simply need to carefully follow the product features’ descriptions to feel safe consuming them.

  • Not locally grown hemp

All CBDfx weed plants are 100% organic delivered. However, they are not always locally grown. They may be sourced from either Kentucky or European farms, which is hardly a severe issue. It’s just that some customers prefer local goods.

How Does CBDfx Work?

CBDfx works on a transparency and straightforwardness basis. The company’s official website has a section of all the product lines, helpful links that guide you through what is CBD, lab reports, affiliate programs, privacy policy, personal data management, and detailed contact information. So, you won’t get lost among the offers and options. Besides, supreme customer support won’t let you wait to get the necessary answers to your quires.

CBDfx Testimonials

No brand in the CBD industry can not build trust only by bright colors and emotional language of content marketing. It requires actual feedback and impressions of real customers. CBDfx is very considerate about this. Its official website has a section with clients’ reviews. All testimonials are verified before publishing. A customer suggested filling out a special testimonial form to qualify for a free gift. Mostly, CBDfx goods are described by the customers as a good investment, with a pleasantly mild taste, similar to a floral tea, without unpleasant or overwhelming scent.

CBDfx Lab Results

Since it’s the matter not of common herb but a medical pot, laboratory testimonials, and scientific conclusion is crucial in the business. There are plenty of suitable screenings that can be done on given samples—such screenings designed to identify the presence of certain compounds in the substance. Regarding the CBD niche, lab reports are focused on cannabis-derived compounds.

With CBDfx, you may be secured that you are in good hands, for the company provides lab reports to every of its product on the terms of full disclosure. Besides robust lab testing conclusions on the ingredients of the products, the total CBD and cannabinoids mg per serving match those mentioned on the bottle or package of the item. That’s how you know you will meet no CBDfx scam.

CBDfx CBD Oil Review

CBD oil CBDfx is brought by using the CO2 extraction method. Moreover, the company’s farms stick to organic cultivation processes, which stands for its CBD is free of any harmful pesticides or unwanted materials, such as heavy metals and fertilizers. CBDfx CBD oil is the company’s main product, and it comes in different forms of goods: the balm, salve, gummies, spray, cream, tincture, and so on. Various CBD products contain different amounts of cannabidiol in the oil. To find the one that will meet your expectations, you need to figure out your needs and preferences.

Top CBDfx Products

CBDfx Lavender CBD Face Mask

CBDfx Lavender CBD Face Mask

Dosage And Suggested Use

The CBDfx mask contains 20mg of active non-GMO broad-spectrum CBD. It is suggested to place a mask on your face for a minimum of 10 minutes to experience the maximum effect.


Aqua, Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Chlorphenesin, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Butylene Glycol, Enantia Chlorantha Bark Extract, Oleanolic Acid, Lavendula Angustifolia (Lavender) Extract, Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract (20mg), Fragrance.

How Long Does It Take For CBD Oil To Work

Consuming substances through the skin is recognized as one of the most prolonged methods. So, you should keep in mind that it will take some time. After you hold the mask on your face for about 10 minutes (you can keep it longer, but 10 mins is a required minimum), you should wait at least an hour before your skin will fully absorb all the ingredients in the CBD face mask.

How Long Does CBD Last

Even though it may take some time before the effect will kick in, but as it does, you will experience immensely prolong results. Placing a mask before your bedtime will bring you a safe and sound sleep.


It promotes healthy skin in a calming way. Soothing senses will delicately affect your skin, and you will wake up feeling rested with refreshed facial skin.

CBDfx CBD Calming Balm 750 mg

CBDfx CBD Calming Balm

Dosage And Suggested Use

The balm comes in the potency of 750 mg, which is enough for an extended period, even if you will use it daily. If you simply need to maintain your sensitive skin soothed, you may use it at your discretion. And if you need to boost your skin, restoring nutrients, it suggested to apply a small amount on a particular area and smoothly rub it in. You may repeat the procedure every 4-6 hours.


Sunflower Oil, Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Tocopherol, CBD Rich Hemp Oil (150mg), Lavender Oil, German Chamomile Oil, Tea Tree Oil.

How Long Does It Take For CBD Oil To Work

With some balms of fast reaction (for instance, when you need to ease pain or deal with acne), it is a matter of minutes before the effect kick in. However, if the purpose of using is calming and soothing your skin, the effect may take a bit longer to work but not critically.

How Long Does CBD Last

You will experience the benefits of CBDfx balm for up to six hours.


The effect comes from the name of the product itself. It will help you to fight with issues of itchy, irritated, and dry skin, giving it silky calming senses.

CBDfx CBD Oil Tincture 500 mg

CBDfx CBD Oil Tincture 500 mg

Dosage And Suggested Use

The product is designed to be taken orally. You can start with one dropper-full. Place it under the tongue and hold for up to 60 seconds before swallowing to experience the full effect.


MCT Oil Derived from Coconuts, Full Spectrum CBD Oil.

How Long Does It Take For CBD Oil To Work

Sublingual administration is recognized as one of the fastest ways of absorbing substances. Consequently, it will leave your body faster, as well. You will experience the effect in less than an hour.

How Long Does CBD Last

The effect will leave within three hours (maybe less, it depends). If you are looking for a quick solution — it’s your option.


You will experience a smooth, calming effect. It is perfect for beginners and people with mildly raised tolerances.

CBDfx Prices

Usually, CBDfx cost depends on the particular product and strength of one. Among other brands in the niche, CBDfx wouldn’t be defined as pricey, primarily due to many special offers the company provides. In addition to bundle packs that allow you to get more affordable prices, many products come with free gifts. You can also use a promo code to get discounts: 15% off for one item, 20% off for two items, and 25% for three items and more.

Product Prices Link
CBDfx Lavender CBD Face Mask $6.99 Buy now
CBDfx CBD Calming Balm 750 mg $39.99 Buy now
CBDfx CBD Oil Tincture 500 mg $34.99 Buy now

Shipping & Refunds

CBDfx provides different shipping methods, among which free shipping takes from 5 to 10 business days. As was mentioned above, CBDfx CBD oil price varies depending on the product and its strength. But regardless of the cost, CBDfx offers a 30-day guarantee according to which you may get a refund for unopened products in the original packaging (excluding shipping charges). If you happen to receive a damaged item, you can report the CBDfx Customer Support within 48 hours of delivery and require replacement.


So, is CBDfx good? Evidently, you should try it out first to define if it suits you. CBDfx offers a vast range of options to choose from: different items of CBD oil and CBDfx dosage rate will give you vast opportunities to discover the product that will meet your expectations with a high probability. Whether you are an occasional novice user of CBD or an experienced daily one — you will find something to treat yourself.


Is CBDfx Legit?

Yes. All products and services of CBDfx are legal. CBDfx is oriented on delivering CBD oil benefits to the vast range of people and making daily well-being an everyday thing. That is why the CBDfx is confident and transparent about its lab testing results. For it values its reputation in the eyes of customers.

Is CBDfx FDA Approved?

No. In fact, it is a tall order to find a brand in the CBD niche that would be approved by the Food and Drug Administration simply because the FDA is still in the process of recognizing one. So, to be entirely honest with its customers, CBDfx has a disclaimer on its website stating that none of the products is designed to diagnose, cure, or prevent any diseases.

Will CBDfx Show On A Drug Test?

No. Consuming CBDfx products won’t let you down on a drug test. The THC content is up to 0.3%, federally legal, and won’t be identified as illegal. All of the CBDfx ingredients are natural and organically grown. So, you may rest assured that your reputation is safe.

How Does CBDfx Make You Feel?

As any CBD oil supported product, the CBDfx items are focused on delivering calming, soothing effects, sleep improvement, and boosting the human body’s natural strength. Some of the products are oriented on beauty and skincare. Don’t expect to get high or cured of certain conditions. CBDfx is all about daily wellbeing enhancement.

Where To Buy CBDfx Product?

You can always find a reliable retailer to address your needs for buying CBD products. But still, undoubtedly, it is better to turn to the official distributor. CBDfx has an official website with a full description of products, pictures of samples, and making a direct purchase.

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