Which CBD Oil Is The Best For Bipolar Disorder in 2023

March 7, 2020

People who can be characterized simultaneously by both manic and depressive behaviors want to cure this psychiatric disorder. The cause is on the biological level when some changes in the brain take place, making alterations to its normal activity.

The Best CBD Brands For Bipolar Disorder

BEST VALUE4.5/5Premium Jane CBD
MOST POTENT4.4/5Fab CBD Oil Gummies

CBD is studied carefully so that some claim it to control bipolar disorder. You may check some brands whose oils promise effective treatment.

PureKana CBD Oil


If manic or hypomanic episodes frequently happen to you, it is high time you tried Cannabis oil. PureKana is a good option to start with.

General Review Of the Brand

It is an American-based company that produces various products from the weed in different forms like topical salves, capsules, or simple oil drops.

PureKana has proved that it is possible to create a really helpful oil that can do good for the body, not destroying anything else. The pure composition is a subject for pride. If you need to do with bipolar disorder, you had better choose Full-Spectrum oil by PureKana.

They create it only using phytocannabinoids, omega acids, terpenes, and flavonoids to make them taste better. PureKana uses hemp grown in Kentucky, which ensures quality. Thus, all the components are organic. To preserve the natural composition, the brand employs high-grade production equipment. With the help of it, the plant undergoes CO2 extraction under moderate temperature, which does not change the chemical structure due to heating or freezing.



  • Free shipping for all products
  • Best oil for medical treatment
  • Regular update of laboratory results
  • Organic components
  • Available in many forms


  • May be too slow in effect
  • The price is high when choosing higher potency


The best CBD oil for bipolar disorder is already on the mass market shelves. However, if you need to be sure completely, give it a try from the online website.

The minimum potency of CBD oil that Purekana produces is 300 mg. Its cost is 54 dollars, but if you need to fight bipolarity, opt for 1000 mg+ strength.

Check the price-list:

  • 1000 mg – 139 dollars
  • 2500 mg – 249 dollars
  • 5000 mg – 390 dollars

Pay attention to that 5000 mg strength is a rare case on the mass market. Many brands do not even take to creating it.


This is the best type of CBD oil for depressive bipolar. If you choose your perfect dosage and imbibe it all together, the components of the oil will immediately penetrate the body and reach the endocannabinoid receptors through the blood.

The oil helps you to manage your mood and feel more self-control. Hence our body is a chain; everything is intertwined and interdependent. The cause of our mood disorder is a dysfunction of the endocannabinoid system. The latter, in turn, depends on the serotonin level. Whenever it gets lower, it shakes your body and mixes some of the neurological signals. The task is to make it higher. The CBD oil elevates the serotonin level. That is how, eventually, it copes with depression and mania.

Premium Jane CBD


What is the best CBD oil for bipolar disorder? The passion and commitment of Premium Jane answer this question.

Short Review Of the Brand

Premium Jane denies the fact that beneficial components are only in the leaves and flowers of cannabis. They claim that when excluding stalk and stems, we leave out other important ingredients helpful in setting up immune and nervous systems. That is why Premium Jane utilizes the whole cannabis plant with all its elements.

The brand knows that still there can be some ingredients that may be harmful. They work out this problem by using a CO2 extraction.

Moreover, Premium Jane mentions Thc naturally inherent in the pot. They do not try to remove it from the product completely, as, in a low amount, it is even beneficial. The final concentration is the one that the law permits. No laboratory test can define it exactly; however, it should not exceed 0.2%.

Premium Jane’s best product is CBD capsules. They fill in the pills with organic and full hemp extraction using only non-GMO practices.



  • Positive CBD oil for bipolar reviews about the effectiveness of the product
  • Exist in various forms
  • Practically no side-effects
  • Testes


  • High price
  • No delivery to other countries


The best strength CBD oil for bipolar is 750 if talking about capsules. Each bottle contains 30 pills with 25 mg CBD per each. There can be some discounts available on the website, so if you are a lucky one, you may buy it for 74 dollars.

It is advisable to take 1-2 capsules daily, so on average, this bottle is enough for 2 weeks.


Many confuse the hemp with marijuana and wonder if CBD capsules can make you feel high. Premium Jane places less than 0.2 % of tetrahydrocannabinol that is responsible for this sensation. This level is not enough to produce such an effect. However, this concentration is enough to contribute to the effect a person who takes it expects.

Capsules perfectly cope with brain dysfunction. They deal with some of the symptoms of bipolarity. It makes you more stable and rigid to anxiety. It balances your brain activity, removing extreme mood swings. However, it is important not to give up treating with conventional medicine. CBD is not the medical approach and cannot work alone if there is a serious disease. So that if you combine it with some traditional medication, you will get over it sooner.

Fab CBD Oil Gummies


Is CBD oil good for bipolar depression? Fab CBD considers that it depends on what brand and type you opt for. Check their assortment to find the one.

Short Review Of the Brand

Cannabinoids are deemed to bring positive alteration to our organism. People, however, do not even think about that each ailment is to be treated differently. Even one and the same CBD can be different depending on the form of pills, liquid, or diet supplements.

Fab CBD establishes it as a goal to reach out to the audience. Our health is the most vital and valuable thing. That is why if your problem is bipolarity, you would rather pitch upon chews.

Fab CBD adds to their gummies only organic elements: Organic Cane Sugar, Citric Acid, Natural Flavours and Colors, and Isolate CBD oil. You find it tasty due to organic apples, carrot, or black currant. All of them form the fruit flavor with a pleasant odor.

The brand is very diligent about packaging and delivery. You may not worry about its safe storage. Moreover, it accents what conditions you should preserve to keep the product. Read carefully on the website.



  • Suggested Use
  • High potency
  • Delicious
  • Organic Hemp


  • Does not promise to cure, treat, and manage any ailments
  • CBD metabolizes in the way that your drug test may show positive


CBD Chews are only one in their nature. You cannot choose a bigger or smaller bottle from the Fab CBD brand.

The strength of gummies is also one, which is 750 mg. Customers are given only fruit flavor. The overall price without shipping ranges from 59 dollars


This best CBD oil for bipolar depression is a choice of lots of patients suffering from bipolar. Since the latter can be of three types, CBD cannot treat all of them.

Typically, The first Bipolar Disorder, or the weaker one, is characterized by depression and mania with the intervals and short episodes of hypomania. CBD chews appear to decrease the mood swings interacting with the endocannabinoid receptors. Mainly, it influences depression making it less severe. Depending on how strong mania is, CBD gummies may manage this problem as well.

Nonetheless, it is important to note that Fab CBD does not give you a guarantee of full treatment and recovery. Some people have undergone this process and claim it to be effective. However, your body may react in a different way.


What is the best CBD oil for bipolar? This article has provided you with three main brands of the contemporary CBD industry. These are the ones you may trust and rely on one. They use innovative but safe techniques and make it possible to challenge and win bipolar.

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